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  • What programs do you offer?
    Currently there are three programs: Fast Track, Aspirers and IPLA Upon successful completion you will receive an NVQ - Level 2 certificate; equivalent to A Levels. Our classes are hands-on with some theory lessons. There are multiple machines you can choose from.
  • What is the difference between the three programs offered?
    All successful students receive a CVQ Level 2 certificate ( equivalent to A Levels). However in addition to that, Aspirers students will receive a certificate of competence from HEA itself. They receive more practical training hours, totalling 54+ hours on the machine, as well as 2 other self development courses as electives. Internships and other employment assistance will also be provided to them. The Individualized Prior Learning Assessment (IPLA) is a program through which an individual can obtain his/her National Caribbean Qualification (NVQ) certification based on evidence of past experiences, achievements, or work experience. This program makes provision for an indidvidual to be assessed and duly certified based on the person's current competence as a Heavy Equipment Operator / Skilled Worker.
  • Is Aspirers better than Fast track
    All students receive the same quality training and qualification at the end of the program. However Aspirers students do have an advantage with more practical time on the machine, elective courses and employment assistance. It is strongly recommended for beginners who have no experience operating the machine before and are unemployed. However, they are not restricted to that and can also do Fast Track if preferred.
  • Are evening classes available?
    Yes, we offer a part time class for the Fast Track program. Aspirers and Fast Track Full Time classes are held during the day.
  • Are payment plans available?
    Yes! We have flexible financial aid options. Inquire at registration. Additionally, all banks do have loan facilities for their members. If you are a member of a credit union or have a bank account, speak to one of their representatives to know more about your options there.
  • What is the return on investment of doing the program?
    The price of our programs are set to cover all the cost associated with your training and in fact HEA will not be making a profit in the near future. It is expensive, but education at that level generally is. Not having it will cost you even more. As a certified operator employed at an entry level, currently your expected salary is between $640 - 920 a week and that increases with experience.
  • What is the price per machine?
    The tuition cost for the program is the same no matter what machine you are training on. The cost is based on the level of training whether Aspirers or Fast Track.
  • Is this an approved institution?
    Heavy Equipment Academy is a registered company and the cirriculum is based on the TVET council's national vocational qualification standards. All successful students will demonstrate competencies in line these established N/CVQ standards. The assessment will be conducted by an independant facilitator and a CVQ certificate will be issued by the Caribbean Examination Council upon successful completion.
  • Can I gain employment outside of St.Lucia?
    A CVQ is a Caricom Vocational Qualification and is accepted throughout the British Commonwealth including nations from Caricom, the UK and Canada. You will be qualified to work in all of these states
  • What qualification will I receive upon completion?
    Upon completion an assessment will be conducted by an independant facilitator and a CVQ certificate will be issued by the Caribbean Examination Council, to successful candidates. The certification awarded is a CVQ - Level 2 certificate, which is a' Supervised Skilled Worker' level. It is equivalent to A-levels. This certification is accepted throughout the British Commonwealth: Caricom states, the UK and Canada.
  • Will I automatically be able to work anywhere in Caricom?
    A CVQ is a Caricom Vocational Qualification and is accepted throughout the British Commonwealth: nations from Caricom, the UK and Canada. So Yes, you will be qualified to work in any Caricom state. All qualified professionals are required to obtain a CSME certificate in order to work in another member state. Your CVQ certificate will makes this seamless. Without a CSME certificate you will need a work permit.
  • Who runs this school?
    HEA is governed by members experienced in the construction industry and education. The Administrator Mr. Jeremy Joseph is a well experienced educator and former principal Castries Comprehensive Secondary School; St. Lucia's leading technical vocational secondary school.
  • Will I be placed in a job after completion?
    Although Heavy Equipment Academy does not gaurantee job placement. We continue to partner with various industry stakeholders and recruitment agencies to assist in this regard. Aspirers students will receive a one (1) month internship on actual job sites. This will provide them with valuable networking opportunities with actual contractors and increase their competitiveness on the job market.
  • How soon will I get a job after receiving my certification?
    As with any course of study or training, Heavy Equipment Academy cannot guarantee employment. Heavy duty machines are used in multiple industries and skilled certified operators are always in demand. We provide Aspirers students with internships at successful completion of their program.
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